Cinram International adding DVD capacity

I recently came across an interesting article. As we all know, Cinram was responsible for pressing some wonderful Tears For Fears CDs.

Cinram International adding DVD capacity

By Roger Renstrom


Cinram International Inc. is expanding its molding capacity for digital versatile discs in Anaheim. Calif., and establishing a new DVD operation
in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

"We have a capacity of over a million DVDs a month" in Anaheim, said Dave Rubenstein, pres­ident and chief executive officer of the Cinram US Holdings Inc. unit.

The Anaheim plant employs 180, occupies 220,000 square feet and also can make four million compact discs monthly, Ruben­stein said in a telephone inter­view.

He expects the DVD operations there eventually to double those making CDs. Cinram also makes CDs in Richmond. Ind.; Huntsville, Ala.; Scarborough, Ontario; and Mexico City.

Scarborough-based Cinram International manufactures pre-recorded videocassettes, audiocassettes and CD-ROMs, in addi­tion to DVDs and CDs, for movie studios, music labels, publishers and computer software firms.

In Anaheim, Cinram acquired second-generation equipment to replicate the challenging DVD-9 format and added capacity for the DVD-5 and DVD-10 formats. The Anaheim plant began repli­cating single-layer, single-side DVD-5s in November 1997 and dual-layer, single-side DVD-9s in September.

In June, Cinram installed a sec­ond Marubeni Corp.-integrated dual DVD production system that operates partially in-line and par­tially on a batch basis for bond­ing. Marubeni's disc systems unit integrated the elements including 60-ton Meiki Co. Ltd. molding machines, Sailor Pen Co. robots and Origin Electric Co. Ltd. bon­ders.

In July, Cinram added another Toolex International NV dual in­line DVD production line. A third integrated Toolex dual line will arrive in late August, Rubenstein said by telephone.

Building on Anaheim experi­ences, the European thrust is moving toward starting DVD pro­duction in a 54,000-square-foot facility by October.

The Netherlands plant's initial capacity will be at least 3 million units per year, or 250,000 units per month, in various DVD for­mats. Cinram plans to add to its DVD capacity there in 2000 "as the format continues to increase its penetration of the European marketplace," the company said in a news release.

"Cinram will carry out DVD authoring at a number of key locations across Europe [and] offer DVD clients an integrated printing, packaging, warehousing and distribution service," the company said.

In another optical product ini­tiative, Rubenstein said Cinram plans by September to begin pro­duction in Anaheim of hot promo­tional items.

The optical media are shaped like a business card and function in a CD-ROM drive to convey cor­porate messages and access to specific Internet sites. "They are being marketed all over the place," he said.

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Remember Polygram or Phonogram have still the rights to the video material. With the capability to produce DVDs Polygram could re-release
what we only know from VHS, Video CD or Laserdisc.
I don. t know how many of your
TFF Fans have a DVD player or even know about DVD but I think it would be great to have the all videos on

DVD. Maybe there will be a day when those who have the power to decide, release all the TFF Videos on DVD. 

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