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Compact Disc Video CDV
Introduced in 1988, the CDV appeared in response to the
popularity of music videos, thanks in large part to MTV. CDVs offer
to the consumer a CD-single worth of music plus a full length video
playable on equipped laser disc players. The inner third of the disc
held about 20 minutes of digital audio information while the outer
two-thirds held about five minutes of laser video data." All of this
was accomplished on a standard CD-size disc at a $9.99 price point.
Philips, the inventor of laser disc technology also invented the
CDV format. To distinguish CDVs with common CDs, CDVs were
molded in a striking gold colored plastic." Polygram Records a
subsidiary of Philips, was the first to release a catalog of CDV titles.
The discs were packaged in Polygram's signature blister pack and sold
through conventional record retailers.
The success of this format was lackluster, mainly because most
people who were interested in music videos did not have a laser
disc player, thus no way to play the video portion. Few were willing
to pay for a CD with video when they had no way to play that video,
Over 170 CDV titles in both the American/ Japanese NTSC and the
European PAL video formats are known to exist. The CDV began
to evaporate from the U.S. and European markets in 1990. CDVs
continued to be popular in Japan up through 1992. Today however,
CDVs appear only here and there, usually as a novelty,
and only distributed as a promotional item.
CDVs have since become quite scarce and as a format, one
of today's hottest collectibles. Values ranging from fifteen dollars
to a few hundred dollars have collectors scrambling to get almost
any CDV they can get their hands on.

Excerpt from Gregory Coopers "Collectable Compact Disc Price Guide 2"
were available at (site no longer active)
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Tears For Fears Video CDs

Shout / Everybody Wants To Rule The World

shoutinfo.jpg shoutpic.jpg       ebwtrtwinfo.jpg ebwtrtwpic.jpg
shoutbar.jpg                                         ebwtrtwbar.jpg

The 'Shout' Video CD is one of the most wanted video because it plays
'Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Urban Mix Edit) - 5:20'
only available on this VCD.
The video of 'Shout' is the full length video version showing the
barrel in the beginning.

The 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World' Video CDs (UK and US) play
the B-sides 'Pharaohs', 'Marauders' and 'When In Love With A Blind Man'.
With this release those B-side songs were available on CD format
for the very first time.

Later 'Tears Laid Low' (Canadian Promo CD - 1992) and the B-side
collection 'Saturnine Martial & Lunatic' (CD - 1995) were playing those b-sides, too.

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Head Over Heels / I Believe

hohinfo.jpg hohpic.jpg       believeinfo.jpg believepic.jpg
hohbar.jpg       believebar.jpg

The CDV of 'Head Over Heels' was the first CD format playing 'Mothers Talk (US Remix)
and the B-side 'Sea Song'.
The video was filmed in Toronto at Emmanual College Library (May, 1985).
Thanks for the information Katherine.

The 'Soulful Re-recording' of 'I Believe' appeared on this CDV in 1988.

Below you can see the alternative version of the CD Video. Maybe it was used as a promo but no comments are on the CD or the cover.


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sowinfo.jpg sowpic.jpg       wicinfo.jpg wicpic.jpg
sowbar.jpg       wicbar.jpg

Both CDs are the only CDV releases of 'The Seeds Of Love' album. I have no information
about an existing copy of the CDV of 'Advice For The Young At Heart'.
I would appriciate if somebody can provide this information.

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US Version         Everybody Wants To Rule The World        Promotional Video CD

ebuscdvf.jpg ebuscdvb.jpg       zebpf.jpg zebpb.jpg

The US CDV of Everybody Wants To Rule The World comes in a regular CD
jewel case while the promotional copy comes in a flat CD-single jewel case.
Both CDVs were manufactured in England and play the NTSC video signal for the US market.

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Everybody Wants To Rule The World  Japanese Video CD

Very rare japanese Video CD in NTSC format.
Has the same tracks as the european or US version
For another very rare japanese NTSC Video CD click here.